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Mystery of the Mary Celeste....I love this mystery of the sea!
It sounds to me like a another botched Military experiment.Look at the P.Project,or the plane that just went missisng.One amoungest trillions of lifes mysteries.
hi and good afternoon DR ROBERT BALLARD over at WHO will be doing a full investigation of this coming up next year the U.S. NAVY had been asked by a lot of people and one of the last remaing relatives to have WHO do a investigate and see if the ships captain and family and crew did make it to the island WHO AND DR BALLARD MADE the announcement back in july
(01-23-2011, 12:20 PM)Fiona Wrote: No worries, DB! Smile

It's such a fascinating story. Ever since I was a child it caught my attention. I know the plausible theories aren't anything to do with ghost ships or aliens lol, but even still, the story sent a shiver down my spine when my dad recounted it whilst we were on a boat at sea!

i feel we all should wait until DR ROBERT BALLARD AND WOODS HOLE DOES their investigation next year and then look at the info DR BALLARD gives

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