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Adam named the T-Rex ??
(04-24-2009, 11:21 PM)MIAMISKYLINE Wrote: Wrong, it is has been proven that ancient Greeks used to fight mastodons (BUT THEY CALLED THE CYCLOPS). My point is that Greeks are not that old, now imagine humans living 80000 years ago (it's been confirmed that the oldest fossil now is 150000 years old), it's obvious that there were many dinosaurs back then. Maybe not the T-rex or other monsters of the such, but others such as mastodons, sable tigers, big sea monsters, etc... still dinosaurs.

And I agree with the 24 hour day theory. A day might be longer than that, one day could mean 400000 years for all we know.

It is a fact man walked with the Mastodon, as well as the Saber tooth. They both died out in the time of man. And this would include the Do-Do bird as well. But based on science fact, the earth far predates the Judaic religion. Not to mention the fact that Paganism and Buddha predate Christianity as well , and both are still practiced today. But no evidence of man exists past the Cretaceous layers, regardless of the difference in their religions.

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