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EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck Vibes Needed
(01-07-2011, 05:39 PM)WitchMom78 Wrote: So.....I have officially branched off of my Coven and am now the proud High Priestess of Raven Oak Coven in Independence MO!

Technically its still a "grove" untill I reach my third degree, after my grove has made it a year (which will be when I get my third degree cord through my original coven) it will technically be a coven.

But yeah...I have my own coven BouncePunkSignpartytimeSignwootIcontexto-emoticons-06-032x032

Well, this is great! How did it go?
Blessed be for all Wicca, for in the Goddess we now know our Source. And as we find our sisters in blessing, may we always lend support. In Gaia.
Good luck to you. I'm solitary witch, not Wiccan, but I know it's an exciting time for you. Smile
'A phantom,' said my Uncle Mycroft, who had just materialised, 'is essentially a heteromorphic wave pattern that gains solidity when the apparition converts thermal energy from the surroundings to visible light. It's a fascinating process and I'm amazed no one has thought of harnessing it - a holographic TV that could operate from the heat given off by an average-size guinea pig.' ~ First Among Sequels, Jasper Fforde

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