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been seeing shadow creatures ALOT recently...
Well I first saw 'the hat man' when I was about six. My dog was whining downstairs while everyone else was asleep. I got downstairs and walked passed the computer room to get to the sitting-room where my dog was. When I got to the room he instantly moved to the door and looked back at me and I knew he wanted me to follow him. I followed him to the doorway of the computer room and I looked in and saw a man who I believe I described as "had no face and wore one of those old top hats" (I now know that it was infact a 30s fedora) I could feel him looking at me but he had no eyes. It scared me because it seemed like his head was the wrong way round to me! (because he had no facial features) I only looked at him for a few seconds before I turned away for a second. When I looked back he was gone but the chair he'd been sat on was spinning ever so slightly. I screamed and my older brother came down.
Almost 9 years later I saw him again whilst out shopping with a friend. He slunk into the shadows before she saw him.
Then this year I saw him in January and again last month! I wonder why?
I have also seen whispy looking hand-like shadows moving slowly. Saw them for the first time on a bus the other week and they have been popping up every now and then. They scare me. Anyone have any idea what they might be?
Sorry for the incredibly long post!Icontexto-emoticons-09-032x032

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