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Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
06-19-2014, 06:04 PM
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RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
Bumping to the top for newer members

Skeptic does not mean those who doubt, but those who research, investigate and look for facts.
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06-20-2014, 08:13 AM
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RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
I've read some of the posts,on this thread.I commend who have come forward & shared,as hard as it was,thank you.As for the thread itself,it's a conterversional subject.We have a child(youth)whom we have seen for ourselves,no proof.However we have saw,heard,our childs abilities.We don't playgerize on it,or discourage our chid.That's just my thoughts.
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06-20-2014, 08:25 AM
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RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
My son autistic, and sometimes he'll look up and follow something unseen to us, across the room. There have been times we are walking say in a parking lot, and he'll jerk his hand free and jump out of the way, like he can see something there. I've tried to ask him but he'll just parrot a line from a movie he seen.
" Honey? What'd you see? What's there?"
He'll just parrot, " Reeeeach for the sky!" from Toy Story. lol
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06-20-2014, 08:53 AM
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RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
Yes that's what I mean our child is mentally challenged,& our child sees,talks to,sings songs we never heard of.Like something made up,or 2 songs combined.We ask but get I don't know,or no singing,I was'nt talkin to no 1,really weird,but something is there.
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05-27-2015, 10:56 PM (This post was last modified: 05-27-2015 11:32 PM by Zula Girl.)
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RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
Such an interesting discussion! I am amazed by how open and honest people are and no one seems eager to register the SMACK DOWN
Uh oh, the rest of my post got lost!
Here it is:

Uh oh, the rest of my post got lost!
Uh oh, the rest of my post got lost!
Uh oh, the rest of my post got lost! Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032

I will try to reconstruct it as best I can:

Such an interesting discussion! I am amazed by how open and honest people are and no one seems eager to register the SMACK DOWN! Devil Smiley

I particularly liked a post by Haunted Lady:

Just maybe mental illness and/or depression is not the condition with psychic gifts being the symptom. Possibly the psychic gifts are the condition in a large percentage of the population in question, and the depression and related ilnesses are the symptoms of the gifting.

I think that is totally valid. Along those same lines, it has been said that we are all insane to some degree. Perhaps sanity and insanity operate along a continuum, just like sexuality. If this is the case, then no one is completely sane or irredeemably insane, just like no one is perfectly straight or completely gay. It is definitely scarier, and maybe even more thrilling, to live life in a way that is open to these possibilities. After all, who would want to only ride the carousel when you can jump on the roller coaster? (Not that occasionally taking a break from having your stomach launched into your throat is a bad thing.) Icontexto-emoticons-09-032x032

Perhaps the true measure of where giftedness ends and mental illness begins is how effectively a person is able to function within the commonly accepted parameters of reality. In many ways, these are gifts we all share. Some people are better able to see the strings that make us dance. Others are able to access the depths and range of our inter-connectivity. Still others may be able to project themselves into the myriad and infinite layers of reality, which is kinda like going bungee jumping without the bungee cord.

Maybe the universe is mirrors looking into mirrors, dimensions layered within dimensions like a stack of playing cards that is constantly being shuffled. More and more, science is concluding that this is the true nature of the universe. But, it is something mystics of all stripes have always known (to a greater and lesser degree). It is just the case that science has finally become advanced enough to measure these immeasurable qualities.

At the end of the day, I think the proof is in the pudding. Does one's sense of giftedness benefit themselves and others? Is that person able to feel confident that their insights are accurate? Does the gift help? Or does it only hurt?

These are very difficult questions to answer. Everyone wants to feel special and blessedly unique. Perhaps the ability to answer these questions honestly is a gift. Perhaps it is the gift of integrity and level-headedness. I would venture to say that is a gift that is as valued and desirable, or maybe more so, than any kind of psychic ability, especially in this day and age.

Honestly, I think the efficacy of gifted individuals is most highly determined by their upbringing. If such a person is raised in a secure, stable, and loving environment, then they will probably be able to minimize the negative impacts while accentuating the positive outcomes. However, if that same person comes from an insecure and unstable environment, then they are likely to be plagued by mental issues up to, and including, a complete break from reality.
Finally, it worked! Yay! Icontexto-emoticons-06-032x032

(Sorry if all those missed posts were annoying!) Icontexto-emoticons-09-032x032
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05-29-2015, 11:36 PM
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RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
hello, I just read the first post, so I'm jsut replying or helping out.
well I kind of did used to see more things than now, probably because my whole city was known to be full of these entities.
I have been tested for mental illness (everything) and I have had pics taken of my brain with that machine, I'm sorry english is not my first language and I don't really know the name of the machine.
all the results have been normal and I have never experienced it in a state of alcohol or drug consumption. only once, but that was in the UK already.
I'll give you two example of things that happened to me, since I do not believe is true unless well I can confirm it somehow.

I had just arrived home and the lights went off, we had a huge corridor so I turned the light on, from the end of the corridor I saw a black dog with three heads, I looked at him and thought 'my imagination is playing games' so I just stared hoping it will go away, at the end it did not, when it got closer to me, one of the heads growled so I ran to my room, when I opened the door there was nothing, I thought I was going mad so I didn't tell anyone. during the next days and weeks everyone kept telling me 'oh I didn't know you have a dog' and similar things, I laughed and said yeah, haha what did you see? and they all told me they saw the back of the dog turning towards a room, every person, from school mate to childhood friends. so I guessed he might actually be in my house.

then once I was coming home whit my cousin and when I opened the door it was like someone closed it form the inside I mean pushing back, and I was pulling it, I thought it could be a person, when I could pull big enough I looked and there was no one my cousin saw it as well so she told me 'you are trying to scare me, haha I don't believe your joke' I told her to do it and the same happened to her, then when both of us pulled it was like they just left go.
at the time I was into a lot of demon invocation and evocation, also learning magic form people who already know, etc. every time something like this happened I would search confirmation from someone 'normal' or simply unaware of anything strange going on. Also dreams with entities, once I had one that I thought this was real, so I went to my magic master's house, I thought I won't say anything, but the moment I arrived he was so worried for me, he asked if I was ok or sick, then proceeded to tell me he had a dream where he fought with this lady to elt me go, I asked to describe it to me, and it was exactly what I had dreamed about, but I'm certain he did get to do something to me, she is still around me though, but now there's no master to help em find out what she wants haha.
it could be collective madness maybe? haha I'm aware some things could be my imagination but I am certain some contacts were very real. Smile
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