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Advice: Do Not pray while being attacked by a Demon.....
Find your own strength....don't fear...well put Charlene you have control.
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
(05-29-2009, 12:51 PM)jka12002 Wrote: This advice is based on an experience i had with a demon while i was sleeping. I prayed to god for help during the attack and it only made things worse. I woke up with alot of scratches on my arm and back the following morning.

Praying will just piss the demon off.

Some people claim that saying the name of Jesus works for them. I'd say just like anything else, you really have to believe in it for it to have any power. If you don't, then I guess it's not gonna work for you.

None of the typical religious stuff worked for me when I had shadow beings all over the house, and a ton of bad luck. It didn't really provoke anything, but I had to break out the Goetic seals to get rid of them. So I guess I believe in the seals more than holy water, et al. Or maybe that's just what really works on them.

I've heard from a lot of people that invoking the name of Jesus works, temporarily, but the things just keep coming back. So far, the seals are a permanent fix. Other people have had considerable success with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It invokes the names of archangels. You can find it online, and I think there's even still a Youtube video of it.
Prayer before bed,reading a scriputer,& anoint yourself with holy water,before retiring this may help.
Also bringing song into your heart,can help,even if you can't sing,speak the words.Like this lil light of mine I'm going to let it shine,or my God is awesome,how about God is good he put food on the table,shoes on my feet,brought me out of darkness God is good.Well keep the faith.
great thread, and some really great comments.

Previous to becoming a Christian I would have used magical ritual, and they are definitely effective, but I have to admit that prayer works better faster and gives a permanent solution.

Shortly after becoming Christian I went through a phase for a couple of years where I would have what looked to others like asthma attacks. I suffered from asthma when I was young and knew it definitely wasn't.

It felt like an invisible entity was strangling me, and as a result it was like going for a 5 mile run before submerging in water and trying to breathe adequately through a single straw - i.e not possible. My daughter when she was here gave me a blue inhaler which seemed to calm the symptoms but the attack would still last 20-40 minutes.

My mother was present for the last one I had and it terrified her, she told the doctor if she didn't know better she'd think something invisible had me by the neck and was shaking and strangling me - I do remember clawing at unseen hands a few times. I began to see falling coloured lights, and it looked like i was looking down a microscope at bacteria (oxygen deprivation)
Ironically we were discussing spiritual / biblical stuff at the time.

I had gone purple and my eyes were bulging and everything was beginning to go black before I had a moment of clarity and prayed for Jesus to help me. There was an instant improvement, and eventually after a couple of minutes, it passed and I could breathe normally again.

As you can see I did not die, and it spurred me to go to the doctors.

Turns out it definitely wasn't asthma, but acid from my stomach could be responsible for my larynx snapping shut, as to the sensation of strangulation - I cannot say, I also cannot explain what my mother told the doctor - it was eerie to say the least.

I was happy to accept a medical explanation, but the attack was so severe and the experience frightened me so much that I was afraid to talk about anything connected to God, the Bible, etc or pray for a long tome afterwards, until I realized that if I was being attacked, and this WAS paranormal as opposed to medical, then I must be doing something right so I should continue.

I have no idea why a blue inhaler seems to help (perhaps it acted as a placebo like many commonly held superstitions, or exorcisms performed where non were required), nor do I care to be frank, I'm just glad that it does something to help.

In the same way, there was no way in these circumstances I could have performed a magical ritual to help myself, yet the simple act of praying / thinking "help me Jesus" probably saved my life. Perhaps most would interpret my belief in him creates a placebo effect like the inhaler...I do not know or care - I only care that I called for him and something changed immediately and I did not die.
The Tiger dictionary definition of sarcasm:

Sar - chasm - the gulf between the author of wit and the amoeba who just doesn't get it!
Maybe "divine intervention" might work but we all have found out that what is asked for might not be "instantly provided" nor come in a way that we mortals fully comprehend. Prayers are part of the "Rite of Exorcism" but not being a priest, I'll pass on when and when not to pray.
Ammo is expensive. Don't expect a warning shot.Scream_72


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