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PM if youve had this happen... It has happened to me twice!
(06-12-2018, 11:48 PM)Mika Wrote: Honestly, at face value, it sounds like a prank.  I mean, you basically describe the ghost from those Ring(u) movies.  The ‘running down the steps’ sounds like ‘something heavy was thrown down’ the steps.  That doesn’t sound like a little girl ghost to me.  And you watch the video, see nothing… hand it to a friend and see a snapshot of the ghost… hand it to another friend and the video is gone?  

Is it possible that one of yr friends threw something down the steps when you weren’t looking?  You made ‘two of the boys’ go first, so one of them could have hidden the object.  One of yr other friends could have snuck around the other way and opened the glass window while you were on yr way down the steps.  And the cell phone thing… I can’t say one way or another if they had time to delete the file, but… a famous movie ghost?

You asked if anyone has had a similar experience.  I have had something similar happen to me with my cell phone.  I’ve had (as yet) unexplained problems with electronics on a number of occasions.  So, I’m not going to rule out the ghost in the video.  But here’s the scenario, as I see it.  Tell me if it makes sense.

Remember, I only know what you have told me.

Someone in yr group decides to make a fake ghost video.  You don’t specify, but I’m assuming it was someone else’s idea.  While yr preparing for this fake video, one (or more) of yr friends stage a ‘real’ ghost as a joke.  
You mention that you ‘made the boys go first,’ which makes me think yr female, and at age 15… or really any age, when you think it about it… it doesn’t seem a stretch to imagine boys trying to scare girls who feel their room is really creepy.

That doesn’t explain the ghost girl you saw on the still of the video.  It could be a ‘power of suggestion’ thing.  Or, maybe… there was a ghost living in yr basement, the ghost of a little girl, who was frightened because of all the activity.  If you ever get bored enough to read my personal stories, you’ll know that I totally believe that was possible.

Also, some people say that, the more you talk or think about ghosts, the more likely you are to experience them.  The same with demons.  I personally have no thoughts on the matter.  But the combination of the unusual and boisterous activity and the focus on the paranormal could have ‘breached the gap’ a bit and made a ‘crossover’ more likely.

You asked if anyone else has had similar experiences.  I actually have had some with my phone and other electronics.  I can share them, if you would like, in another post.  Just ask.  But this is yr thread and I don’t want to make it about me.

I just want to state clearly that I’m not saying that yr wrong.  Just that there are alternate explanations.  And I’m have no opinion on the ghost in the phone.  I didn’t see the video and don’t know enough details about who was holding the phone for how long.  It’s possible. 

I haven’t read yr second post in detail, but I wanted to respond to this one before someone else said all the things I said, but less kindly.  There are always the skeptics who are completely dismissive, once they get an 'explanation' in mind.

8 )

The prank is a definite possibility, especially since we were trying to do a 'prank' of sorts in the first place. I kept alot of things on my stairs and it's possible that something' just fell down them. But as far as being away from them long enough for them to do something just doesn' seem possible. I' talking about a 700-800 sq ft  basement and a 15 y/o me who was basically riding their heels I was so scared. 
As for the video, I don' see how that could'e gotten pulled off as a prank. If it was props to them because I nearly sht myself. I held the phone the whole time, I walked right past that spot by the water heater and there was nothing there. When he handed me my phone it was paused. Frame by frame there was about 3 frames that showed what looked like the girl. I handed it to my friend and watched him hit play mmltiple times. It didn  work but I told him to just go back frame by frame. The screen was almost unresponsive I guess. Like he was hitting the button but nothing was happening. Then I took it again and it was at the beginning on the play screen, but had an error message this time. Now, knowing smartphones better, that message would very possibly show if that friend deleted it before giving it back.
The only thing that trips me up is the girl... I dont know how that could be done. Maybe it was dust in the bright flashlights and a shadow all at once?? I'm not sure. I don' mind the skepticism, at least you were nice haha. I just can' find an explanation for it

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