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Please - this is my 2nd post. I need help/or where to go for help
Skylar, the isn't much if anything that anyone here on the forum can offer to do for you (or your boyfriend.) It's best left to the professionals. This is simply a discussion forum. The folks here have offered ideas and have treated you with nothing less than compassion.

I suggest you follow up with the priest and heed his recommendations in documenting any episodes. He will first need convinced there is an issue in order to get a demonologist involved. The church will require extensive psychological testing...testing is absolutely not done during protective safety holds (pink slips) in psychiatric units. Their job is to stabilize the patient and get them back to a safe state of mind. Testing takes hours and is always done in a controlled clinical setting. A thorough medical evaluation including extensive lab work will also be required before the church will agree to work with you. You don't just make a phone call and bam, there's a priest and a bishop. It doesn't work like that.

We can offer you an ear, moral support and a sounding board here, but otherwise there's no quick fix. Your boyfriend will have to be vigilant in continuing to seek help in the proper avenues.

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RE: Please - this is my 2nd post. I need help/or where to go for help - by Haunted Lady - 07-03-2018, 08:15 PM

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