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Please - this is my 2nd post. I need help/or where to go for help
(05-25-2018, 08:46 AM)Skylar Wrote:
(05-25-2018, 08:33 AM)Darkforeboding Wrote: You keep posting and asking what you should do.  If you don't feel secure and feel afraid to go to your boyfriends' house, then you probably shouldn't go.

I've been with him for 4 years and this last year I've seen him 1 time. He doesn't understand my fear. He's veryuoset that we haven't seen each other in a year.  I guess I was hoping maybe someone could relate to what I am experiencing and suggest a number to call or something but I guess not. It seems like it's impossible to get the correct help from anyone. 

(I only posted twice since it seemed I wasn't believed. I am a person that wants to help people I care about. I'm sorry I posted the same one twice. I tried but it wouldn't allow me to  delete the other post. Then I realized I made so many typos - I apologize. I'm on a tiny cell phone)
Perhaps you have been getting the correct help this whole time.
Help for yourself, not for him.
If he really hasn't seen you in that long, then that isn't someone you need to be caring for. Sure, he is upset he hasn't seen you for a year, he is also summoning demons.
So if you want help; Help YOURSELF and stay away. You can chose to accept the help that is being given to you, or you can continue to dig yourself deeper.
Please remember there actually are people who can help if he refuses to leave you alone or tries to come near you. There IS correct help for that

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RE: Please - this is my 2nd post. I need help/or where to go for help - by ClarkDurham - 06-12-2018, 04:48 PM

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