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Should I be concerned?
This has been going on for some time and the curiosity is starting to get to me, but I’ve never really reached out before and I don’t even know how to begin to classify what I’m seeing. It started last year when I started being treated for my depression, a condition I’ve lived with for a long time, with Cipralex. Long story short this particular treatment did not work out for me, but during the brief time I was on it I started to see a small, more or less featureless creature.

It wasn’t a shadow person, as in the reading I’ve done they seem to be primarily negative and what I see leaves no lasting impression of fear but rather startles me (like when someone you know sneaks up on you, you aren’t afraid you just don’t expect to see them). It’s always animal like in the way it moves; sometimes it scurries like a large rat and sometimes it runs like a dog and several times it has levitated or flown. I mostly see it in my periphery and when I turn to look at it fully it darts away to lord knows where. To be honest it could be several different things of the same type that I’m seeing but they/it always has the same colouration (dark grey to black) and lack of any tangible mass. I saw it clearly only once and it was sitting in the middle of a sidewalk, and it looked a little like a bat, before it launched right at my face but right when it should have collided with me it disappeared.

After I stopped the treatment it disappeared but now, a year later, I’ve started seeing it again. I’m not currently taking any drug-based treatment for my condition, but rather I’m going through therapy. It’s exactly the same as what it was last year; but what finally has me asking for advice is that it finally touched me. Two days ago I was listening to music with my eyes closed and I just felt like I wasn’t alone and I opened my eyes and out of the corner of my eye I saw it sitting on my shoulder (it had no weight and I couldn’t feel it at all through my t-shirt, the only way I knew it was there was through sight alone) and of course I flipped out but when I jerked around there wasn’t anything or anyone there.

As I mentioned before I’ve had other experiences but I have NEVER been touched or ever approached so closely. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Should I be worried? It’s not frightening just annoying but I’m not really sure I’m comfortable with whatever it is coming so close.

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Should I be concerned? - by InformalKnight - 05-21-2018, 01:51 AM
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