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My possible EVPs
Huh, I'm surprised no one else has chimed in on this!  
Well, it would be nice to have more context of the audio clips. For example, where were you? i.e. a house, outside, etc. It sounds like there may be background noise which could mess with your ears during playback. A good explanation for this is simply the fallibility of the human perception. 
Quote:The critical leap in EVP research is the point at which odd sounds are interpreted as voices that communicate with intention. Paranormal investigators typically decode the content of EVP by arriving at consensus among themselves. EVP websites advise paranormal researchers to ask themselves, “Is it a voice…are you sure?” or to “Share results among fellow investigators and try to prevent investigator bias when reviewing data.” Therein lies a methodological difficulty.

Research in mainstream psychology has shown that people will readily perceive words in strings of nonsensical speech sounds. People’s expectations about what they’re supposed to hear can result in the illusory perception of tones, nature sounds, machine sounds, and even voices when only acoustic white noise – like the sound of a detuned radio – exists. Interpretations of speech in noise – a situation similar to EVP where the alleged voice is difficult to discern – can shift entirely based upon what the listener expects to hear.

Hope this helps :-)
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