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So, the most that you give here is your concept of a soul. The rest is really up for belief. I don't really like to trade in beliefs, when someone speaks in definitive terms. So, I can't really address the angels and lack of hell and purpose of God, as there wasn't anything argued. However, there are a couple of things here that I have an issue with, about the soul.

This is what I believe you have so far:
  • Souls = Energy
  • Death = Transference of energy
  • Transference takes us to another plain of existence.
  • Another plain of existence = Heaven
  • Heaven has 2 levels: Upper and lower

These are the logical implications that those claims give us:
  • Heaven is an energetic set of plains.
  • "Upper" and "lower" imply different attractions of energies.
  • There must be some way that our souls shift between energy frequencies, or we can't be sorted.
My issues:
  • You don't list the ways in which we can shift our energy frequencies. We could potentially go to a lesser plain of Heaven, simply for stepping on grass rather than on cement.
  • Energy is within the realm of empirical knowledge. Therefore, the soul and these separate plains should have been found by now, as multitudes of studies have been conducted and nothing had been found.
  • Lastly, Heaven would no longer be linked to morality, and the rest of your post is useless. If energy frequency is the path to a better standing in heaven, energy calibration is possible. Therefore, the rich, who can afford it, simply increase or decrease their frequency accordingly, and they can end up in the plain of heaven that they want. It kind of makes the whole idea a joke.

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