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Why do ouiji boards work for me and not my friends?
I'm kinda surprised that no one else has responded to this.  I'm far from an expert on the paranormal, but I have had some fascinating and potentially dangerous experiences.  Also, I'm a non-denominational Christian, so my advice all come my knowledge of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic viewpoints.

I'll start right off with the big one... demons.  Generally speaking, demons do not have the ability to interact with the physical realm.  They can't whisper in yr ear or put thoughts in yr head.  They can't make doors slam open or shut.  And they certainly can't make themselves seen or physically harm you.  They do, however have two main weapons in their arsenal.  The second is that they can posses a person or object... think creepy doll... but in order to do that, they need permission from the individual or owner of the object.  The second weapon is the more insidious one.  They can work through a conduit, such as a medium, seance, ritual... or a ouija board.

Their goal is to create a sympathetic image, convince you that they are yr friend, and get yr permission to enter this realm in some way.  Often they will do so by pretending to be a child, a woman in distress, or a loved one.  So yr hesitation on using a ouija board again... sounds like a good call.

Benevolent spirits, or the souls of those who have passed, do not need a conduit to interact with our realm of existence.  God gives permission to the souls, whether they are in Heaven or Purgatory, to touch the physical plane of existence under certain limited circumstances.  For instance... to provide a warning or lend emotional support... to someone in need.  You still won't see them.  But they have the ability to make themselves known.

The point is, if you have to rely on a ouija board to contact a spirit, that spirit is not one you want to contact.

That's pretty much what Christians, Muslims and Jews believe.  I can't speak for Neo-Pagans, Wiccans, Buddhists, Atheists or any other faith.

As to why you seem particularly in tune with the paranormal when yr friends are not... if you interact or accept one malevolent spirit into yr life, that's kinda like putting up a neon sign proclaiming 'Open Auditions' in the spirit world.  Again, from the Christian perspective.

I mentioned before that I've experienced some unexplainable things... specifically, over the past year.  And while I'm still unsure of what to make of those 10 months, I do know one thing.  If anything new rears it's head, I need to tread carefully... because it's entirely possible that I am now on some 'evil spirit' mailing list.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  And if you don't like the fact that I'm a (non-denominational) Christian and want another view, we have forums for other beliefs.

I wish you well 8 )
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