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Astral Projection With Partner/Friend
So, Salvia Divinorum is a hell of a drug. About 9 years ago or so I took a large dose with my then girlfriend. I was very experienced with salvia and coached her how to smoke it and hold it in and then I immediately joined her on the trip. 

Suddenly I was inside of her trip. She looked at me and said "what? You're here? how are you here?" and I just somehow was. We were in a vast field of electrical grids stacked with people inside of electrical eggs, very very similar to the real world of The Matrix, when Neo first wakes up. We flew around a little bit and spoke to each other about how the fact that we were in each others trip was somehow confirming that we had left our bodies and actually travelled somewhere or that the normal reality was an illusion or something we just could not understand. As the trip ended we talked about what had happened and she was afraid of doing Salvia again understandably, most people are.

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RE: Astral Projection With Partner/Friend - by Supernatural Storyteller - 01-22-2018, 10:04 PM

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