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Why are people so interested in the Paranormal?
(12-26-2017, 05:41 PM)CareTaker Wrote: That is what I have always said. If there really are such "things" as ghosts and spirits then 'supernatural' would actually be 'natural'

It's much easier for me to approach the distinction between the 'supernatural' and 'natural' terms, from the angle of why each are likely named as they are. Reference to each distinct term is done this way, due to what 'natural' would refer to. When you say 'natural' you mean our norm. We exist in our world physically. We interact with it physically. We gather sensory data physically. What is natural is what we can observe in nature with our own eyes.
'Supernatural' refers to that which is beyond natural experience. The first half of the term, 'super', alludes to that. Because the supernatural doesn't present itself to us, in our conventional way, it is not the norm. We do not interact with spirits and ghosts physically. Thus, we can't classify them as 'natural' in relation to us.

Of course, in relation to the grand-scheme of objective time, such beings might have pre-dated us, and even exist on a more major plane than we do. That would make us the minority. That would essentially make us the 'supernatural', but that's only in relation to them, that they would see us that way. Do you get what I'm trying to say? lol

(12-26-2017, 05:41 PM)CareTaker Wrote: Right. It is possible to prove that a thing exists. It is much less possible to prove a thing does not exist.

Logically speaking, it is just as possible to prove something doesn't exist, as it is to prove that it does. It doesn't come down to empirical evidence, to do any proving. With the proper and correct application of reason, nothing is outside of our scope. We just need to be clever enough to find the proper proofs.

I'd say that the case for reasoning the existence of the supernatural is equally difficult for either side of the discussion. The reason is because we have no criterion through which to verify whether or not our reasoning is correct. The only way to do so would be to pass on, but then you couldn't communicate any of the truth back, coherently. All we can do is keep hammering away at the logic behind the supernatural. Eventually, we will be able to break down all of the logically insufficient arguments and find the one that cannot be contested.

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