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Religious lies. Why do so many knowingly accept them?
Religious lies. Why do so many knowingly accept them?
People, I hope, are not foolish or gullible enough to really believe in the talking serpent and donkey of the bible, nor the 72 virgins of the Qur’an. I also hope their gullibility is not broad enough to have them swallow all the other supernatural ideas floated by religions. The ancients intelligently knew that nothing could be known of the supernatural.
Modern priests, preachers and imams ignore the unknowability of the supernatural constantly while lying to us about the Gods.
I do not want to believe that we are as gullible as some people seem to be.
Why then do you think we knowingly pay and support priests, preachers and imams, perpetual liars in my view, to lie to us?

You cannot claim that everything said out of a religious person's mouth is a lie. Plausible deniability is ever-present in religion. This is because, as you put it, "Modern priests, preachers and imams ignore the unknowability of the supernatural". As I made mention of in another post, it is still a sin to willfully remain blind to the truth of a situation. However, it is not a lie, if what you speak is what you truly believe. If you have been taught that, and you take it as truth, there is no fault there. Thus, there are many priests that spread their religion authentically and genuinely, without lies and deceit.

Lastly, there is also the chance that not everything they are saying actually are lies. You have an extremely limited scope of knowledge, when it comes to being privy of the truths that bind the un-empirical universe. Largely, this is because you'd rather operate in belligerent ignorance, rather than calm logic.
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Everything have reason to exist to teach human not to fall for it. So you know already then you should avoid. Let the blind open their eyes themselves or else they learn nothing.

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