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I was wondering if anyone ever heard of Tulpa's. Basically beings and things that are manifested through sheer, belief and concentration. Also I wanna know if there is an opposite to a tulpa. In other words a being that shows up when you doubt it's existence.
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I've always thought of Tulpas as more of mental devices than actually forming a separate entity in your mind. Through heavily repeated meditation I've no doubt you can see or hear anything you put your mind to. Although Tulpas sound schizophrenic, tulpas aren't genetically passed on and aren't inherently harmful. Stories of tulpas helping a person with depression, anxiety, and/or suicidal tendencies are not uncommon. I'm not too sure tulpas even have any evidence of existing, it must take a lot of concentration and dedication but I have yet to come across evidence in my research. If you make it real for yourself, then you'll see results but if you don't, then you won't. However, I don't think there is an opposite of a tulpa which appears when you doubt its existence... unless you think hard enough about it then maybe Rolleyes
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This happens all the time on the Discworld (fiction novel series and movies written by Terry Pratchett). All one has to do is mention an entity and it pops into existence. The more it is mentioned and believed in the stronger it grows.

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