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Questions about crystals....
Be very careful on letting stones sit in salt water as it can be very damaging to certain stones. The best way to where you wont damage them is either smudge them with sage, bury in a pot of dirt for a moon cycle or sit in a window that faces the moon.
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And be careful sitting crystals in the sun, as they can start a fire.

Very good point sister, and thanks for bringing it up. I have heard of fires being started in the woods because of discarded glass bottles exposed to the sun.

While I don't do anything but carry them around with me, I have some crystals, one from a very dear friend of mine. I do know that while I am always keeping the skeptical eye on anything these days..I do get comfort from having them with me.
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(09-24-2011, 10:45 AM)Fiona Wrote: 1. When you say a crystal/stone is "good for this [reason]" or "good for that [reason]" do you mean you hold that particular crystal at certain times in the day or do you have to carry it on you at all times to feel the effects?

I carry mine with me all day but that's just me in the morning

Quote:2. For those who have a large amount of crystals, how do you use them? Do you use one each day? Or simply use one for a particular reason and then perhaps not even use it again for months?

I use a variety, usually rose quartz with a different stone depending on what I'm doing that day. Some stay as decoration for a good while before I get around to using them again.

Quote: Especially for people who may have, say, 20 crystals, how do you know which to use? Do you have days or months without using them and then select one when a specific problem arises? Or are you never without at least one stone on your body?

As I previously said, I have gone days or weeks without using them and if I feel like I need protection or wisdom, I'll choose accordingly. I am NEVER without one stone on my body! Big Grin
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