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Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - UglyNRude - 02-23-2010

First let say this isn’t an attack on claimed psychics though some of you will feel it is. I am seeing a pattern and am trying follow up on it.
Is there a fine line between psychic images and mental illness? Do people with a form of a neurological issues have a special ability? Does the issue open doors to this ability? Do people that hear voices and see images walk this fine line between schizophrenia or another disorder and true abilities?

Through out time we see some people will induce an altered state to get answers, shamans, medicine men, some Indian cultures. We see sweat lodges, taking hallucinogens, fasting, and a host of other methods used to see visions. So does this fine line open the door to the future?

The difference between a psychic ability and a mentally ill person is the ability to distinguish which reality they are operating in at any particular time and to consciously and Intent fully make this transition. The ability to move between these places is when you can control your visions and your sanity.

Now this can also be said to those that see Ghosts, Demons, Angels and God. Now I am hoping people will offer opinions on this based on their experiences.

Now what I am looking for is for is people who claim to have these abilities have you ever been diagnosed or treated with any form of a neurological issue. This can be from adhd, to anxiety depression to schizophrenia, lesions, ms, to migraines.

I am curious how many have or haven’t that have these abilities. Is learning to control walking the line the key to this?

The Schizophrenic drowns in the waters the Mystic swims in with delight.

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - CMF - 02-23-2010

Excellent question, I know at one time I had visions to where I could see exactly how everything was connected with the universe (without lsd lol) almost at will, and could see auras. Shortly afterwards though I was going through extreme depression , the shrink I saw for the very short time I went didnt seem to flinch or be concerned about these new abilities and in fact sort of took it in stride and confirmed that it was possible and she believed in it.
Wonder if she is a member here? lol

I know (and its no disrespect at all!) that when I had an lsd experience that was similar I sounded ALOT like that ghia member here. Its hard to put into words some of the things you sense and see when its all in front of you at once like that.

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - Haunted Lady - 02-23-2010

First of all UNR I'm not taking this thread personal in any way. Yes, I do call myself psychic, and yet the things you mention I wholeheartedly believe are neccessary to consider whenever someone claims psychic gifting.

As far as my own medical and psychological history I am totally willing to disclose related information. It doesn't bother me in least, nor do I take any offense whatsoever.

I experienced spirit related psychic experiences from a very young age of between four of five years old. I saw, spoke to and had extensive interaction with spirits...those who passed from this life. Several instances occurred, from the little girl ghost I played with at a local historic home during a movie filming (the story is published on TGT) to my 'imaginary' friend whom I was able to locate death records on as an adult. My mother was witness to these and other other interactions like it. It's also significant that through actual research I was able to confirm their previous Earthly existence.

Noteworthy enough at such a young age mental illness rarely if ever comes into question. Without the activity of the pituitary gland which occurs at puberty, the brain does not have need to balance the chemicals seratonin or norepinephrine as they just do not exist in amounts which would cause issue. Later in life medications containing a reuptake inhibitor can be used to balance brain chemistry making bipolar spectrum disorder and schizophrenia manageable, treatable conditions. These medications given to children prior to pituitary activity can cause devastating permanent injury to the production of these hormones, and are not FDA approved for use in very young children for this reason.

Four hours after my son's birth in 1988 I went into seizures followed by a convulsive coma due to full blown eclampsia (old shool knows this condition as toxemia). I nearly died, and woke from my coma after eight days. During the coma I had an 'out of body' experience and walked in the Heavenly (or spirit) realm with the Creator. He shared with me secrets of this life including my life path. I saw not only angels...but the Creator Himself. It was after this I was as well given the gift of discernment. Years after this I went on to work within and with the church in the areas of faith healing and demonology.

The convulsive coma is pertinent however as this was the time I experiences Heavenly beings specifically. While unconscious two separate MRI's (magnetic resonance imaging) were performed to attempt to discover why I did not wake up...the medical staff had no reason for me to continue to remain in a coma. The first MRI just a day after failing to wake showed a brain lesion in the frontal lobe. Recent medical and scientific studies do prove this to be the area of the brain sensitive, resposible for and affected by visions of angels and demons (as well as other mystical creatures). At the time family was questioned about previous head traumas or IV drug use (there had been neither). The second MRI on the seventh day of the coma showed the lesion to be completely gone. I awoke the next day.

The scientific theory suggests my experience was caused by the lesion. I don't share that opinion. My own out of body, Heavenly experience was medically and scientifically captured on film.

As an adult I felt burdened by my gifts and struggled for years. I sought psychological assistance more than once and begged to be relieved of a condition I could not understand. I went so far as to attempt to convince mental health professionals on a couple of occasions that I must be crazy. If a pill could fix my unexplainable fore-knowledge and empathic pain I was more than willing. I felt like the doctors weren't listening and turned me out to the wolves.

Finally, I sought help through the church. Through intensive pastoral counseling and inner healing prayer I finally had some answers in spiritual gifting. Ironically it was the church that agreed to refer me for extensive psychological testing, not the psychologists or psychiatrist I had first run to! The results of the testing in fact deflated my last hope, I was in fact medically and psychologically sane. I accepted my destiny and gave over to the calling of the Creator that I should persue ministry.

The only time during this forty year history I was indeed diagnosed with depression it was post partum related after my second child. I did not experience this condition with either the first or third children...and it was short lived. I did opt to accept an anti-depressant with the post partum which I was weaned off of within three months.

Significantly, there is a family history of severe clinical depression. My grandmother, mother and aunt spent their lives unsuccessfully attempting to control their illness. Changes in medications and therapy have failed to help them. I as well recognize that at least in the case of my mother (and then with my youngest daughter) they as well have psychic (or spiritual) gifts. Mental illness and psychic gifts are both hereditary and run in families.

For myself I have spent a lifetime learning to control my gifts, and do actively participate in reality! It is a learned skill to focus psychic gifts, use protections and differentiate between the psychic plane and the Earthly plane. It is a conscious act to interact in each area in life differentially.

Is that where I (and now my daughter whom I am teaching) would be different than the family history? Have we with our gifts learned to walk that fine line? Is it possible so many deemed mentally ill are in fact not...yet haven't learned the skills to cope with their gifts?

Just maybe mental illness and/or depression is not the condition with psychic gifts being the symptom. Possibly the psychic gifts are the condition in a large percentage of the population in question, and the depression and related ilnesses are the symptoms of the gifting.

The truth is you can't even begin to understand the burdens of a psychic if you haven't walked in their shoes.

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - UglyNRude - 02-23-2010

First I would like to Thank You! for your response. I will agree I don't understand it and probably never will. But the unknown is why I search for answers. I will add I don't ever remember a dream and haven't for years so I am at a complete loss to any of this. I think your openness to it can help others to understand it and hopefully cope with it.

When I did this post I was looking for opinions from those that experience it, be it from neurological issues or not. I am Glad a couple responded, thanks also CMF.

I keep hoping these people that claim this ability will explain it. I am also curious as how you distinguish between false and real, example things you know will happen to things you know won't?

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - CMF - 02-23-2010

One thing that makes it real for me is that I automatically consider the possibility that I may in fact have possibly gone insane. lol
I think that actual nutso folks never actually consider that possibility.

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - UglyNRude - 02-23-2010

(02-23-2010, 11:06 AM)CMF Wrote: One thing that makes it real for me is that I automatically consider the possibility that I may in fact have possibly gone insane. lol
I think that actual nutso folks never actually consider that possibility.

Ahh but define insane? Aren't we all in one way or another? Whats normal to one person maybe crazy to another.

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - CMF - 02-23-2010

Yes, I agree with you , but having worked with the mentally ill I think I know the diff.
Although when I was working with these folks I sometimes wondered how much of it was chemical imbalance and what may have been possesion.
UnR, if you have ever done lsd then you were insane during that time, (as its defined) I think when one is hallucinating and seeing things others cant it could help ones mind to at least consider the possiblilty, besides it shows insight.

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - Haunted Lady - 02-23-2010

(02-23-2010, 11:02 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: I am also curious as how you distinguish between false and real, example things you know will happen to things you know won't?

This is actually the in depth focus of my book to be released late next year. Just to banter off a couple of things here to be helpful...

First I suggest to document and journal things just as you would any other paranormal activity. If a vision or premonition comes through dreams...keep a notepad on your nightstand and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Write down the outside factors, weather, lunar conditions, your own emotional conditions at the time, even where you are in your mentrual cycle if applicable. Do this as a regimen...fill your notebook, and start another. Look back after several days, then weeks, then months at your entries. Log instances where the predictions came true...toss in any evidence you collect such as newspaper acticles, dates things actually occured...people involved etc.

Personally dreams are not where my gifts are prevalent. I rarely remember a dream upon waking and when I do it's usually a hodgepodge of total wierdness. I had a premonition about a house and a yappy little dog once...ended up living there years later with this shitzu I totally loathed. Beyond that...dreams aren't my thing.

My knowledge is instant. It is that immediate knowing something you couldn't possibly have. It is different than a thought in that you know and feel in your heart with absolute certainty you are right. It doesn't come as a thought or in my head as a voice but through what I call heartspeak. Once I was driving and pondering about how I was going to be able to afford seminary...a private college, steep tuition, and being a divorced mom with three kids. Suddenly the sun shone through the clouds with blinding light and in my heart I was answered...that the path would be opened, and that in the process I would lose my older daughter. I was thrilled yet devastated. Also, both occured within a year. Heartspeak is the easiest to differentiate. It is an electric and heavy felling that fills your chest. There is no doubt in the knowledge that comes with this. It's important to note also that my oldest daughter is alive and well. I did lose her the last year of her childhood however...that is a story for another day altogether.

With empathic gifts...or feeling others pain or emotions it is a learned trait to differentiate what is felt. With myself (I had to train HLG in this as well) I just always felt awful. Physical pain and illness...headaches and aches and pains in specific areas of the body, instant change in mood when you get around someone, deep sadness or longing when you don't know what for. The emotions becoming overwhelming when in public or large social groups and situations. I had to learn to stop and literally take back control of my own body. I would run through lists of questions; do I have an issue with my knee? No. Why would I feel my kidneys, liver, heart, bowel vibrating? No reason. Is there a reason to feel sad right now when all was fine before I walked in the door? No. On and on I would take inventory. I recognized also that when I would feel these things a strange thing would happen. The palms of my hands would turn bright red and feel fire hot. Empathic gifts are given to those with the ability to heal through energy. By learning what belongs to me I could either own it or release it.

There really is so much more. Like the info I get audibly from surrounding spirits. I hear it. It's in my head but it sounds as clear as if it were a person next to me. Every time it happens the first thing I ask myself is "Am I crazy?" So I pull for information. I investigate...what do you want, what year did you die, what is your name, why are you contacting me ect. This is the gift that is the easiest to confirm. Random spirits don't generally pop by to give me false information. It is through real world investigation that I have been able to affirm myself that it's real. I admit though I still wonder on almost a daily basis if I am crazy.

Defining reality from the realm(s) which you are attuned to is a process of trial and error, knowing yourself, your body and your emotions...always questioning, always double checking and finding concrete information. If I ever stop asking if I have lost my mind just lock me away. For that will be the day I stop seeking the truth in my experiences, and give over to the madness of the human mind.

I could go on and on...I will close however by saying that recognizing psychic gifts are also spiritual gifts is helpful also. Just like not every person has every spiritual gift, not everyone has every psychic gift. As such, not every psychic 'sees' or is gifted in every realm of existence or energy. It is a lifelong process of self inventory and evaluation. In this it will be slightly different for every person...through the basics and self control it is possible to learn to live in the Earthly realm, and walk among the spirits.

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - Ali - 02-23-2010

I usually do not share information about my gifts. Only a few here are aware I have them. I do not feel gifts are something to boost or brag about. My gifts are held very dear to me. I feel blessed.

As long as I can remember, I would have dreams that occur a few days to a few weeks later. Some of my earliest memories of these dreams were before I became school age.

In my late teens the dreams were occurring too frequent for me. I was have multiple ones a week. They were of negative events (car accidents, deaths, etc.). I was living in a state of fear knowing things were going to happen. I prayed for the gift to stop. My prayers were answered. I still get them occasionally, but they do not happen as frequent and are not all negative in nature.

I had talked to my mother about the dreams. She always explained that it was God's way of preparing me for situations. I never felt I was abnormal or crazy. Mom explained that she had them and so did my Grandmother. Mom also shared with me that she had the gift of knowing.

About twenty years ago, I started knowing things. It is so hard to explain. I would know what was happening in friends lives. I would be hanging out with friends and talking. I would say what they were going to tell me, not realizing it. They started noticing. I had one friend that told me that I was sensitive. I got mad. I thought she was insulting me. I thought she was telling me that I was! Now, I know she knew what was happening before I did.

I started telling trusted friends and family the thoughts I was getting. I wanted them to know I was not making it up, that I knew something, when it happened. I had a friend of my daughter's ask me how I knew things. I just told him that it happens. How do you explain it?

A really strange thing happened over the holidays that still has me baffled. My daughter was exchanging gifts with her internet friends. I was in a hurry one afternoon. I grabbed the mail as we were running out of the house. I handed her a package and said, "Here, you got a CD". We were driving and she asked me how I knew it was a CD. I knew where she was going with the question. I laughed and told her she gave me too much credit, I felt the jewel case. She informed me the CD was loose in the envelope with papers. There was no jewel case. I would swear on a stack of bibles that I felt a square jewel case. I can still picture it in my mind. It was one of those cheap, colored cases from a discount store that come in a multi pack. How did I feel something that was not there?

I also have empathy. It is not something I can control. Within the last five years my parents have both gone through the ‘end of life’. It has really taken a toll on my body. Even though the ailments were not actually happening to me, I felt the symptoms. Since my Mom passed last month, my hearing is starting to return. I no longer feel the effects of her diabetes. I had always knew when her blood sugar was off. And thank goodness, my daughter is done with puberty. I was getting tired of waking up with matching blemishes. It would happen all the time.

Can I explain any of this? No. Do I feel it is a mental illness? No.

I always try to figure out why these things happen. There has to be a logical explanation. Sometimes I think it is psychosomatic. But how could it be, if I had no prior knowledge. I am learning to just go with it and not fight the feelings or thoughts.

One last thing....No, I do not know this weeks lottery numbers!
Now, about others that do have a mental illness. I have long wondered if it was something other than an actual illness for some cases. I do not believe science is acceptable of any diagnosis other than what is in a textbook. They have been trained and taught to follow the straight line. They are unable to think outside the box. It is not their fault, it is the way they have been conditioned. Hopefully, someday, science and the unknown can be considered together as one, for the benefit of some patients.
There also is undiagnosed, mentally unstable individuals, that rant aimlessly. It would be hard to tell if it is a true psychic or a mental illness without documentation. Without their visions or rants being followed up or verified, no one would never know if it was an illness or a gift.

I will stop now, or I will be labeled "mental"!

RE: Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness - scarygirl67 - 02-23-2010

Amazing posts, HL and Ali! **just throwin' a thanks wasn't enough, lol**

UNR....lovin' this thread!