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Copyrights on your pictures. - UglyNRude - 11-02-2009

I got the idea for this post from the Holcomb Woods thread.

If you post a lot of pictures and and you don't want people using them (we all know its simple to take pictures.) In the paranormal field people prefer to have exif information left on the pictures so we have an idea on camera settings. So that made me wonder if you could change it so all your pictures include your information embeded with a copyright. I found this article and it looks worth doing. You can retain your exif and add your information to every picture you take automatically.

RE: Copyrights on your pictures. - CareTaker - 11-02-2009

Thanks man, that will be helpful to a lot of our readers.

RE: Copyrights on your pictures. - Ali - 11-02-2009

I will be showing this to Brit. She has had pics stolen, her watermark removed, and reposted on other sites. We just went through someone stealing a YouTube video and reposting it on YouTube as theirs. She was able to have it removed.

RE: Copyrights on your pictures. - parasearcher - 09-07-2010

Very interesting ! I too have had photos stolen and modified, to look slightly different. There's a British group using one of my photos right now, and I sent them an email about it, but have received no response. I don't even understand why a paranormal group would want to use a photo that isn't theirs ?

RE: Copyrights on your pictures. - LMC - 09-07-2010

Thanks UNR! you rock! Icontexto-emoticons-06-032x032

RE: Copyrights on your pictures. - Chevleia - 01-01-2018

old thread but I’m glad I ran across it! Really useful stuff to know especially as a small business owner Idea