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Reborn in the Same Life? Weird experiences - unrated1890 - 09-01-2018

I've been having this feeling of experiencing the same events over and over again, to the point where it occurs more often, the events always happen in a certain order and when they happen my body feels shocked and i just freeze for 5 seconds. Today, at 10:37AM, I was having breakfast eating some eggs and drinking tea, when i got up, it struck me, and it struck me hard. Some events have little effect but this one I could feel it hitting me hard, I have a sudden flashback of everything that lasts for a half second or second, and about 3 months ago, during mid-summer, the most insane thing happened to me. I was playing around with a bolt in my friend's shop, just poking it and rolling it when suddenly the bolt just disappeared when it went into a corner, and nothing was around the bolt just empty space. I searched everywhere for it, started panicking, I literally moved half of the stuff in the shop just to look for it, and some stuff weren't even in near proximity with the bolt. the bolt LITERALLY i poked it, it rolled to the corner, and then just disappeared. And while I was in school, sitting down with some friends and having lunch, this strange woman walked past me, didn't even notice me but I noticed her, I felt a sudden pain in my chest and I felt sad, so sad I shed a couple of tears that my friends started wondering just what the hell just happened. I just went to the bathroom , washed my face and told them it was just some allergies. Is there an explanation as to what is going on? It's not creeping me out, I just want to get to the bottom of this