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Demon House - Vultyrex - 03-18-2018

It's a documentary by Zak Bagans. Has anyone watched it?

I did. It's actually better than most horror movies out there. Although, not too keen on the legitimacy some most of the information is hard to validate. Although, decent enough.

RE: Demon House - Chevleia - 03-19-2018

Ill have to give it a look, is it on Netflix or Hulu?

RE: Demon House - Vultyrex - 03-19-2018

It was just released. So it's not on there yet. There are ways to see it but according to the rules here, I am prohibited to give out that information.

RE: Demon House - Chevleia - 03-19-2018

I'll be on the look out for it then, thanks for the suggestion.

RE: Demon House - UglyNRude - 03-19-2018

One and a half stars by Roger Ebert.
The truth to the supernatural events in Gary is still nonetheless difficult to pin down, however much sensationalized journalism they inspired, but Bagans knows who he can use to corroborate his adventure: a woman like Latoya Ammons, whose children expressed different episodes of being possessed, a superstitious police officer, a priest who does exorcisms, etc. Experts are not consulted, nor are any party-pooping skeptics invited. It's telling that "Demon House" features a real-life exorcism, but it feels more superficial than supernatural.

RE: Demon House - Chevleia - 03-19-2018

Does any horror movie actually convey the supernatural rather than being superficial?

RE: Demon House - Vultyrex - 03-19-2018

I honestly think he did what he did at the end of the "documentary" so that the big wig movie producers couldn't make money with the place.

RE: Demon House - UglyNRude - 03-20-2018

I would imagine he did that as all the complaints of people visiting the home, bothering the neighbors. Countless ghost Hunters have been arrested, ticketed, and reprimanded by the authorities for trespassing. Plus the fact it wasn't worth the 35,000 he paid for it. Many homes in the area sell for 15,000 down to 1000.
Then a look at a skeptical look at the demons. The tenant before and the tenant after never experienced anything. Did a clairvoyant put the idea in Latoyas head, telling her the home had over 200 demons. A deeper look at the original claims.

RE: Demon House - Vultyrex - 03-20-2018

Not to mention the squaters that were in it as Zak bought it, didn't see anything neither. It was even mentioned by them that money will make you say anything they want you to say. Zak even paid them to leave and the guy said he just gave him peanut money compared what the producers were throwing out and wanted a bigger deal with Zak to say whatever he wanted but didn't hear much else from the guy.