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Mostly Invisible Masses of Insects or Larvae Cling to me Like I am a Magnet - Alert - 02-09-2018

Mostly Invisible Masses of Insects or Larvae Cling to me Like I am a Magnet

I first noticed this about 5 or 6 years ago. I can feel it on me. And I reason many others have this too. 

I first noticed masses of insects or larvae clinging to me or my clothing in varying sizes from about the size of a medium sized dog to a thin layer over my skin, to a tiny swarm flying about my face. I have fought these insects numerous times. At times they continuously attacked my shins. I defended myself with a damp wash cloth so many times, mashing them into my skin, that my shins turned shiny, as if waxed with floor wax.  

I recall one time having taken showers and washing clothing to get it all off of me. I then went to a convenience store, and before getting in line, a man in line noticed me. And as I was trying to get by this man to get in line, he intentionally leaned back into me so the back of his jacket brushed across my clothing. I immediately noticed that he had transmitted a large mass these insects or larvae that then clung to my clothing and skin. The man was dressed in black, and I profiled him from his appearance to be evil. 

I now reason that demons inside of me control these insects and larvae, using their ability to pull small objects toward themselves, and they use witchcraft.

I have found no other information on the internet about these insects or larvae, except for what I have put forth. However, I do know that others have been affected. 

I once witnessed many clouds of this insect larvae floating in the air from this apartment complex. Each cloud appeared white in color and appearance to a dandelion before the seeds blow away, and were in size about one to two feet wide and two to four feet tall. A Hispanic woman sitting on a bus bench near was the only other witness that I noticed. I reason this apartment complex breeds these insects and releases them each year like this.   

I first noticed these insects or larvae clinging to me when I lived in an apartment in Las Vegas, NV for a year, 2011 - 2012. This was the worst year of my life. 

I now have much more knowledge and experience about reptilians, and I reason the manager of this apartment complex and her husband are reptilians, disguised with advanced holographic technology. 

While living there, I witnessed shapeshifting from different residents. I saw behavior from others that I now know identifies them as reptilians, behavior including freezing still like a statue and staring - their holographic program put on pause. 

I also detected one night in the spring a "portal to hell" located in the apartment that on the other side of my bedroom wall. This spiritual dimension made itself know to me audible, but not visually. From my bedroom, I clearly heard a drum beat that sounded like it was coming from a huge cavernous space deep below the neighboring apartment. It sounded like it was being made on a huge drum, perhaps from a huge beast. The beat when like this - boom.... boom.... boom.boom.... and repeated. 

After I had moved away from this place, I once called the Las Vegas Metro Police to report evil and supernatural happenings at this apartment. The police officer quickly hung up on me, dismissing out of hand what I was saying. My take on it is the authorities do not want this place exposed. 

I wrote this off the top of my head, and I'm sure I have more information about all of this.

RE: Mostly Invisible Masses of Insects or Larvae Cling to me Like I am a Magnet - UglyNRude - 02-09-2018

Ok once again go tell this to doctors, you may get the answers you have been avoiding. Delusional parasitosis is a mental disorder characterized by a fixed, false belief that a skin infestation exists, so to rule that out you medical care should be done.

Also as you keep claiming insect juices, have them tested. this could be a new discovery if not the above.

I also love how you offer to help others fight demons but are unable to cure your own.

RE: Mostly Invisible Masses of Insects or Larvae Cling to me Like I am a Magnet - KaelisRa - 02-12-2018

"I", "I", "I", "I", "I". Alert, there are some deep-seeded issues here. While much of it very well could be health-oriented, you also need to go and talk to some professional people. There is a lot of "I" with you, and that isn't a very healthy way to approach any facet of the world.