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DEVIL,DEMONS,HELL NOT REAL - FreakShow - 01-04-2018

Hello, my name is Daniel. I am a spirit medium. What that mean is, i cross spirit into the light. All spirit, and i mean ALL spirit come to me because my light and energy are so bright, they believe i'm the light into Heaven. But i am is a guide. With the help of my two Angels( as we call them because man created language and speech, this is what we use to describe them) they bring lost souls(ENERGY) to me so that i can cross them over into Heaven(another plain of existence). No one actually dies, the body fails but the soul(Energy) moves on. Everyone's soul moves on to another plain of existence, a higher consciousnesses. 

We all go to the same place. I know people will say, what about people who do bad things like murderer's and other wrong doers. Those things are done by those who use their free will. When we move, all souls go the a different plain. But on that plain there are two levels, upper and lower.. Now, i'm not saying a nun and Hitler are sitting on the same bench talking. Hitler is in a lower lever, redeeming himself until such time he will be allowed to move up. Because of doing such wrong, he may be placed back on earth as a sort of do over.

My two Angels are Helen and Manos. Helen once walked the earth, but it was well over 3,000 years ago. Manos was created and Angel. They both protect and guide me. I communicate with them all day and night, yes i don't get much sleep. As i said i see spirit all day and night. But it's part of my purpose, and that is to cross spirit and to teach people to wake up to the real truth of what God really wants for us. What is going on in the world today is not what he wants. he believes that we misunderstand him, and we do. God does not want you going to church and or standing around worshiping him all day. He wants us to live our live helping each other. If you are one of those people who believes you are here for yourself, you're completely wrong. We are here to help each other and the greater good. 

So far we have not done that and God is not happy with us right now. No matter how much we pray, nothing is going to change the way things are. So he is going o change that for us. No matter what your description of it is called, it's coming, and it's coming this year. So prepare yourselves for the unthinkable. Sickness, hunger, death among millions. The world needs a reset, and it's coming. You will hear of a large scale sickness around spring. Most will die, there is nothing you can do to avoid getting it. Not everyone is intended to make it through. Those of you who are, were just meant to. All in order for the world to change. We need to recognize the fact that we are all of one race, the human race and we need to work together and stop the killing of each other for no other reason than the color of our skin 

I am not quoting anything from the bible. There is truth in the bible, but most of what is in it is lies in order to control us. Religion created these lies along with ways to walk around in fear. I you are told for thousands of years that if you don't worship and pray and give us your money, then you will suffer in eternal burning hell. Think about that. You have all heard it from one religion or another. What does someone who has the power to create everything need with your money? The answer is nothing. It is time to wake up.

RE: DEVIL,DEMONS,HELL NOT REAL - KaelisRa - 01-07-2018

So, the most that you give here is your concept of a soul. The rest is really up for belief. I don't really like to trade in beliefs, when someone speaks in definitive terms. So, I can't really address the angels and lack of hell and purpose of God, as there wasn't anything argued. However, there are a couple of things here that I have an issue with, about the soul.

This is what I believe you have so far:
  • Souls = Energy
  • Death = Transference of energy
  • Transference takes us to another plain of existence.
  • Another plain of existence = Heaven
  • Heaven has 2 levels: Upper and lower

These are the logical implications that those claims give us:
  • Heaven is an energetic set of plains.
  • "Upper" and "lower" imply different attractions of energies.
  • There must be some way that our souls shift between energy frequencies, or we can't be sorted.
My issues:
  • You don't list the ways in which we can shift our energy frequencies. We could potentially go to a lesser plain of Heaven, simply for stepping on grass rather than on cement.
  • Energy is within the realm of empirical knowledge. Therefore, the soul and these separate plains should have been found by now, as multitudes of studies have been conducted and nothing had been found.
  • Lastly, Heaven would no longer be linked to morality, and the rest of your post is useless. If energy frequency is the path to a better standing in heaven, energy calibration is possible. Therefore, the rich, who can afford it, simply increase or decrease their frequency accordingly, and they can end up in the plain of heaven that they want. It kind of makes the whole idea a joke.