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SLS Kinekt - GTparanormal - 11-11-2017

Hello everyone. My name is Candace, my team is called GT Paranormal. We started in New York and just relocated to Florida. January will make 20 years that I’ve been researching and investigating the paranormal Smile

I have one of Bill Chappell’s original SLS Kinekt cameras. Occasionally when I am using it, I will map in a figure “in” something like a pipe, or a wooden post. Does anyone else ever experience this? I’m trying to determine whether or not it’s a glitch within the machine. It does map in actual unexplained figures as well, so the machine is not faulty, but I have picked up super skinny figures at two different locations, in front of two different mediums of material (metal pipe, wood).

Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks!

RE: SLS Kinekt - UglyNRude - 11-11-2017

The machine is a joke, it produces false positives. Just watch this

RE: SLS Kinekt - UglyNRude - 11-12-2017

I decided to look your page over and once again we see whats the problem with paranormal teams. Orbs? Really? They have been explained since the nineties. Also I see you seem to base your equipment on what ghost adventurers use. Can you say entertainment only? EVP class? Did they teach you about reading the manual about how the equipment gives off and picks up RF? When doing evp do you bother to map out towers near you? Also how about showing some proof ghosts exist besides peoples minds, and misperceptions.