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Dear David - ThisisDog - 10-01-2017 09:32 AM

This seems to be all over the place lately, and I haven't seen anything about it here so I thought I'd see what you guys think.

There is more after this ends on the guy's twitter feed.

Personally, I think it is utter BS. Everything that has happened is easily explainable, or could be staged without much work at all. The way the guy responds to mundane stuff and blows it all out of proportion says to me that he, like so many others, is desperate for it to be paranormal to the point that he completely ignores the rational. Or he's setting the whole thing up for retweets.

He openly mentions he suffers sleep paralysis and says he was when David visited him. Case closed in my opinion. Also later when his cats are pawing at something invisible to the camera, it's a bug. But of course it's impossible for bugs to be in his apartment. Bugs are well known to respect people's privacy.

Apparently this guy writes for Buzzfeed, so make of that what you will.

RE: Dear David - lorac61469 - 11-02-2017 07:54 AM

I think it's a hoax or a project he's working on.

He posted a video of him using a Polaroid type camera to photograph the hallway that supposedly always turns out black. As he's setting down the camera you can see something that looks to be covering the lens. My daughter has the same camera, it's not part of the camera.