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NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - Deadworm - 05-28-2017

In my experience, the near- and post-death experiences that I will recount and discuss in this thread are more compelling for skeptics than more traditional Christian apologetics. But these paranormal experiences raise many questions about the extent to which they are compatible with biblical teaching and traditional Christian perspectives on the afterlife. Despite such problems, many skeptics have been motivated to reassess their anti-Christian stance through exposure to the most compelling of these NDEs (Near-death experiences) and ADCs (After-Death Communications). Will that be true on this site? I invite skeptics and believers alike to weigh in as the collective evidence from these cases mounts.

This thread will initially focus on unique evidence from 5 categories of NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) and ADCs (After-Death Communications):
(1) ADCs in which the Dead Drive a Vehicle to Help or Comfort the Percipient
(2) NDEs Shared by Witnesses Present
(3) Artifacts Left as Evidence by the Deceased
(4) Encounters with Unknown Deceased People Whose Identity Is Later Verified
(5) Other Forms of Paranormal Verifications of NDEs

(1a) Most of you recall actor Telly Savalas, who starred as a tough detective in the TV series Kojak and had roles on several movies. Telly unexpectedly experienced the most remarkable kind of ADC. A man came back from the dead, driving a vehicle, and helped Telly get gas for his empty tank. Here is Telly's account:

(1b) Next is my friend Leonard's equally supernatural ADC. Leonard was a wealthy retired construction baron and a member of the United Methodist church I pastored in the late 1990s in western New York. We became friends and I sometimes had dinner with him and his wife Helen when I paid him a visit. He was always worried about the health problems of family members, whom I accordingly visited. One Sunday, he asked me if I'd be willing to visit his dying cousin who lived across the highway from him. His cousin was an atheist recluse, who was dying of lung cancer, but wanted no visitors. But he was so depressed that Leonard wanted me to drop by to discuss whether we should intrude on him anyway to show that we about his suffering. When I arrived at Leonard's house, he was absent due to a shopping errand in town.

As I stood, talking to Helen, this thought struck me: Leonard was a real worry wart; yet he never seemed to grieve the loss of his son Jeff, Jeff's wife Karen, and their 2 children in a small plane crash. For some reason, I mentioned this perception to Helen and was intrigued by her reply. She said that Leonard's grieving had been healed by a postmortem encounter with Jeff, adding, "But he doesn't like to talk about it." The next time I met Leonard I was overcome with curiosity and asked if he'd be willing to talk about his ADC. Leonard seemed very uncomfortable with my intrusive request because he thought Id think he was crazy. This is the story he shared with me.

After the funerals, Leonard was about to drive Jeff's old pickup truck to town to do some errands. As he approached the end of his driveway, he saw someone's figure suddenly loom out of the ditch by the highway. To Leonard's dismay, it was his late son Jeff! Jeff walked up to the pickup and asked, "Can I take my old truck for a spin for old times' sake?" A numb Leonard complied and off Jeff drove north down Cty. Rte. 40 towards Rochester, NY. Jeff's conversation with his Dad had at least 2 purposes: (a) to reassure his Dad that he, his wife, and his kids were all together and OK; (b) to give Leonard the information he needed to tie up the loose ends of Jeff's investment history. After driving a couple of miles, Jeff inexplicably turned right onto a less traveled highway. After a few minutes, he stopped the pickup, turned to his Dad, and said, "I'm sorry, Dad, but I'm not permitted to drive any further." Leonard never learned who was orchestrating this ADC. God? An Angel? Then Jeff got out of the pickup, walked towards a clump of trees, and vanished.

This ADC left Leonard in a state of shock. In retrospect, it now seemed like an odd dream and his grief was not assuaged by the experience. In fact, the next day, he was so overcome with grief that he went for a walk down the path in the woods behind his house. At some point, he sat on a log, overcome with sorrow. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a twig or branch breaking. When he looked up, there stood Jeff's wife Karen. She gently scolded him: "Didn't we tell you we are together and OK? You get back in the house with Mom and comfort her!" This second ADC healed Leonard's grief.

After sharing this experience, Leonard had a pained expression on his face as he gazed at my skeptical expression. I apologized that I was just having trouble processing such an incredible story. I felt badly because it was I who had pressed him to share a story he was reluctant to tell. I asked him if he had shared these ADCs with his daughters, and he replied, "No, they'd find it too hard to believe just like you." Leonard recently passed away, and I learned that a daughter shared this ADCs at his funeral. So coming out of the closet, as it were, with me seems to have emboldened him to tell his daughters.

Leonard's ADCs are the most supernatural experiences I have ever heard from someone I know well. Yet this story does not inspire me as much as other paranormal experiences I have either had or encountered. I think the reason for this is that these ADCs are far more disanalogous to my ordinary life experience.

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - Biggabit - 05-28-2017

You copied and pasted this from the

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - Deadworm - 05-28-2017

(05-28-2017, 05:39 PM)Biggabit Wrote: You copied and pasted this from the

No, I copied my post from another site. I'm looking for similar experiences and intelligent discussion of the relevant issues. I doubt I'll find that here, but I'm willing to be patient and give it a try for a while. If this site disappoints me, I'll move on to other sites until I find discussion that appeals to me.

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - Deadworm - 05-29-2017

Though my friend Leonard's astounding encounter with his truck-driving deceased son Jeff is the most impressive ADC I have ever encountered that was experienced by someone I knew well, my next category of NDE is far more common.

(a) Particularly striking is Scott Taylors shared NDE and the independent verification of that NDE years later from a family witness:

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - ArinOMG - 05-29-2017

Interesting, so they never meet jeff again sinceafter?

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - UglyNRude - 05-29-2017

Bio-medical researchers, neuroscientists, and psychologists have adequately explained the occurrence of NDE. There is no need for a mystical explanation.

How Does Medical Science Explain NDE?

As one approaches death, it is not surprising to find that various bodily mechanisms are not working properly. Any of these malfunctions could induce some of the characteristics of a NDE.

Hormone Release: During times of stress, the body releases endorphin, the morphine-like “feel good” hormone. This accounts for the feelings of peace and love and the lack of fear or pain.

Hormonal Disruption: Many of the characteristics of the NDE resemble those seen with various diseases that disrupt the hormone system. For example, patients with Cotard’s disease (walking-corpse syndrome) hold the delusional belief that they are deceased. Also, patients with Parkinson’s are prone to seeing ghosts.

Excess Carbon Dioxide: Excess CO2 in the bloodstream can affect vision, and it could be why people report seeing a tunnel or bright light.

Lack of Oxygen: It is well known that oxygen deprivation can lead to hallucinations (like seeing one’s dead loved ones, angels, or other religious figures). Additionally, oxygen deprivation could be responsible for the feeling of euphoria associated with NDE.

Spikes in brain activity: There is a spike in brain activity just before death and this may be the cause of heightened sensory perceptions and the vividness of the NDE.

Mortal Minds: The Biology Of Near Death Experiences

Of all the books on the subject of NDE, I can only recommend one that provides scientific rigor. (The rest are full of what skeptics call "woo.") The author, Dr. Woerlee, is an anesthesiologist with more than 20 years of hospital experience. Dr. Woerlee's arguments are exhaustive and meticulous leading to a full understanding of the medical science that explains NDE.
Mortal Minds: The Biology Of Near Death Experiences

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - Darkforeboding - 05-29-2017

(05-29-2017, 06:31 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: During times of stress, the body releases endorphin, the morphine-like “feel good” hormone. This accounts for the feelings of peace and love and the lack of fear or pain.

Endorphins are the bodies natural version of morphine and, in fact, work the same way. People experiencing both high levels of endorphins and morphine/ opium use report a feeling of "floating" or weightlessness.

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - Deadworm - 05-30-2017

I find it amusing that closed-minded skeptics like UglyNRude never bother to check out ground-breaking new evidence such as that posted in my video on a shared NDE. Actually watch the Scott Taylor video! Thus, such skeptics freeze like Bambi in the headlights when exposed to the many NDEs in which bedside witnesses go out of their bodies to join the patient's initial journey towards the Being of light, even sharing their past life review!

What such skeptics fail to grasp is the irrelevance of the processes of the dying brain to the healthy witnesses who also experience their dying loved one's NDE! For Dr. Ray Moody's decisive refutation of these bogus rationalizations, watch Moody's summary of the main features of the many overlooked shared NDEs:

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - UglyNRude - 05-30-2017

Ok your blind faith is proof of nothing. Take time to actually study the human mind. Take note of how nde vary depending on the persons region. More proof its all in the mind.
Actually study your Dr moody and discover how he suddenly started believing, Hypnotherapy? Was he a cat? after all he thinks he had nine previous lives. Stop ignoring science.

Look behind the scenes at the claims of others.

Science has explained what happens to the brain.
Now close minded? Show me facts, now unproven stories.

Maybe you should learn about open mindedness.

RE: NDEs and ADCs: Awesome Verifications - Deadworm - 05-30-2017

As a published professor and researcher, I'm probably more familiar with such irrelevant scientific allusions than you are. I'm presenting evidence that modern science is not even remotely capable of explaining. And you and your ilk will do practically anything to avoid doing the hard work of honest and open critical engagement with new evidence. Now feel the fear and actually watch my 2 videos that refute your bogus" "scientific" cop-out.