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Ghost on a tower - hedgehawg - 04-15-2017

Hello, I'm from Poland. Many years ago I took three pictures of a tower in my city. At first I didn't see anything wrong with them but now i noticed that i might have accidentally caught a spirit. It's on every picture in the same place. It looks to me like it's leaning out the window. Maybe someone actually fell off the tower in the past? What do you guys think?

[Image: nC8RY5][Image: gpMr0k]
[Image: mPDRY5][Image: m4EN6Q]
[Image: eug26Q][Image: ePnaRQ]

RE: Ghost on a tower - lorac61469 - 04-15-2017

I'm unable to see the photos. You may need to use a photo hosting site like photobucket in order to post here.