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Semiconscious hallucinations - westonreg - 03-19-2017 01:47 PM

:ooh:When the visual cortex receives signals from the outside world and the imagination at equal levels, the two mix into one, called a semiconscious hallucination, at least I think thats right. As for example I have often become awake and while still semiconscious have enjoyed watching big spiders crawling over my bedside table, knowing they are only an hallucination and when I rise into being fully awake they will disappear. Its the same with vivid dreams, you just regain full consciousness and they go away. When I went through the tunnel effect due to exhaustion and a figure with a goats head was near to me, I was in a state of terror worrying that it might start moving towards me but I still could not wake up, and it was only by relaxing by praying that I reversed the tunnel effect and came back into the room with the figure gone. If it had been a semiconscious hallucination I would of kept regaining consciousness and simply woke up.