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Witches and shape shifters. - Reptoid666 - 12-22-2013

I need peoples opinion on this. (kinda weird)?
Ok so recently i came across a Mexican video on YouTube of a bird and the people in the video say its a witch (they take the shape of animals and such). Now, I don't know what to believe but in the video they ask if its a witch and if its sick and such and the bird seems to answer shaking its head! I wonder if it really was sick? I think this because it looked pretty bad it was like exhausted or something and it stared at the person filming and asking the questions. This might just be me but I feel strange watching this Smile i would like to see what people opinion is on this, so please tell me what you think or if there is an explanation as to why the bird looks that way.

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - Death Omen - 03-26-2014

Of course. "witches" can assume other "shapes". That was one of the original charges that was used when the Inquisition when questioning an "offender to the Faith".

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - efournier - 03-31-2014

This video looks like one of an owl and nothing more. The owl keeps shaking its head even when they aren't talking to it. It could be sick, but I am not a bird expert. I am not sure if I believe that witches can turn into animals, it seems far fetched, I think I would have to see it to believe it.

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - nawal - 03-31-2014

Mexican witches are the best in the world doing that, they pass the technique from masters to apprentices. To be able to perform it, the witch needs to get control of she's dreams and start practicing the transformation there, in the astral plane, once she controlls it there, then she starts trying to reproduce it here in the material plane, that also requires a lot of other practices to accumulate huge quantities of energy and consciousness to mix both planes into one.
the shamans who developed this techniques took generations of full practice to improve each transformation. So, most of them can do and teach only one transformation, for example, a crow. There are other lineages that may handle many transformations.

Toltec tradition teaches us about "the assembling point", is something inside our aura that functions as a dial, is by default fixed in this position that we call "reality", that means that, if we were able to move that dial to other position in the aura, all the reality changes. There are speciffic positions for everything, but, the problem is not just to free the point and move it, but to fix it in the precise place where that thing becomes reality.

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - pix - 03-31-2014

That sounds really dodgy unless you know exactly what you are doing, but I suppose that each teacher passes on their knowledge (when ready) to the pupil so they know exactly where to move the dial for the required result? plus how and where to move it back?
Do these Mexican witches know more than one dial place??

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - nawal - 03-31-2014

Many mages that try to do it, but don't have enough consciousness in the dreams, just become the animal, and also behave like the animal, lose the rational sense and forget who they are, so, many witches transformed in dogs were caught stealing food or breaking garbage bags, or the vultures by putting a piece of rotten meat like a bait. When they are caught and killed, they instantly transform in the corpse of the person,

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - pix - 03-31-2014 that really is stuck!! not wise to do if unsure of the result, rather weird too.
Why would they want to do this? especially with all the dangers....

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - nawal - 03-31-2014

But doesn't matter what transformations we do, the default is still being somewhere in the human point, so, they always are gonna come back to normal, unless they move the default to the new position. (Thats much more complicated than the transformation, implicates get rid of the human form and get out of this plane, move to another dimension)
The animal positions are moving the dial down, if you still going down you have the band of the plants, and below, nothing, empty, and below the underworld, the next big band that some call "hell". Moving the point to the front, some male shamans can transform in females (real females), also with those practices they can reproduce in the material world the abilities of dreams, like flying.

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - pix - 03-31-2014

Does their conscious go into the animal so they can see with their eyes and feel their body or is it actual?

I think I would rather move the dial up not down given a choice! but what happens if you move the dial up?

RE: Witches and shape shifters. - nawal - 03-31-2014

Everything we do is a position in the dial into the human band. For most of us, is extremately hard to change just a little bit, to stop doing things like smoking and start doing things like running, even those minuscule movements and fixations can take us years of struggling, imagine how much energy and determination takes to do what they do. That exceeds humanity, some of those shamans are closer to spirits than to humans, they are trying to reach the point of certain kind of djinns to become like them and live thousands of years like them, the few ones that do it, go to live to the world of those djinn.
Up you have the upper plane, but there are powerfule entities there and is a restricted area, you must get the permission of a big authority, like an angel guardian of the portal to be able to get in there, and once in there is dangerous, we are the weakest there, but in hell we are the strongest and also is possible to manipulate the material reality form down there, thats why most of mages prefer to go down.